July 2012

Vulpe’s rescued from the street in Craiova, Romania, and taken to a local animal shelter. I’m lucky enough to have contact with them, and see pictures of her back when she was wee!

September 2012

Vulpe arrives in England! We finally meet :)

October 2012

Vulpe hosts her first puppy playgroup – with many more to follow! She also loses her first tooth, and graduates puppy class :)

November 2012

Vulpe goes on her first proper holiday to Somerset and even visits Glastonbury! She is also spayed, and is a very brave poochy (I am less brave).

December 2012

Vulpe’s first Christmas! <3

February 2013

Vulpe graduates from adolescent puppy class.

May 2013

Vulpe is one year old!

June 2013

Vulpe has her first emergency overnight hospital stay and it scares the heck out of me!

August 2013

Vulpe gets the professional photo shoot treatment….

December 2013

Vulpe enjoys her 2nd Christmas, which is very different from her first.

May 2014

Vulpe has a party for her 2nd birthday!

July 2014

Vulpe goes on her second ever holiday to Scotland and LOVES IT!

November 2014

All change again as Vulpe and me move into a new house along with Miaowski to start a bit of a new chapter.

December 2014

Vulpe’s 3rd Christmas, and Santa Paws visits once again.

May 2015

It’s Vulpe’s 3rd birthday party and our big garden comes in handy.