Eastern European Strays

“For decades activists have protested, pleaded and negotiated with the Romanian government to stop slaughtering the estimated 50,000 to 100,000 stray dogs that live on the streets in the capital city of Bucharest. The dogs lead pathetic lives scrounging for food and being hunted down by dog catchers who are notorious for their brutal killings……” [source]

The problem is not unique to Romania; similar situations exist in Croatia and Bulgaria. This heartbreaking documentary shows how the capture and killing of stray dogs is big business:


Why are there so many street dogs in Romania?

“In the 1980s the Communist President Nicolae Ceausescu called for the demolition of traditional housing across the country and built large numbers of high rise apartment blocks. Romanian citizens had only three days notice to move and were forced to leave their pet dogs on the street but continued to feed them. The dogs quickly adapted to the new urban setting and, neutering being relatively rare at that time, their numbers soon multiplied. There are now hundreds of thousands of dogs living on the streets in Romania.” [source]


You could adopt a dog from Vulpe’s shelter in Romania! Check our their Facebook page for details of dogs up for adoption:

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