Yellow Dog

I got Vulpe her very own Yellow Dog bandana quite a long time ago, but for some reason I’ve never made use of it before. As part of my coming to terms with having a reactive dog (and concentrating more on helping her to live a stress-free life, rather than trying desperately to ‘fix’ her)…

Autumn Times

It’s been a curious and eventful couple of months for Vulpe and me, but we’ve both been enjoying the Autumn coming in…..even the rain isn’t so bad with a coat on and a warm towel for wet paws at home….

Christmas 2012!

It’s been a busy ol’ time the past week or so! Vulpe has had a wonderful Christmas, bravely visiting various friends and relatives of ours, and she’s been thoroughly enjoying my company. As I work in a University, I get a generous amount of time off over Christmas when the Uni is closed. Vulpe and…

Lyme Park

Vulpe’s had a busy weekend! Puppy playgroup yesterday, a walk with her new friend at Happy Paws this morning, and off we went to Lyme Park this afternoon. Vulpe enjoyed some off-lead romps through the grass……. Happy pooch! More photos after the jump – best enjoyed full size! :)

Puppy Playgroup!

Vulpe had THE BEST time at the puppy playgroup session I organised this weekend – she was totally pooped by the end of it, and slept for ages (after a bath :D) Here’s a little video summary of what went down!

Puppy Socialisation

Vulpe is getting SO much better and greeting and playing with other dogs that she meets in the park now! It’s just lovely to see her having so much fun – she really gets giddy, sometimes too much for other energetic pups! I dearly wanted to give her more opportunity to meet, socialise and play…

Another day, Another park…..

Yesterday Vulpe had another couple of ‘firsts’ – first time on a bus, upon which she behaved wonderfully. She even had her own bus ticket! She also ventured to Platt Field’s Park for the first time, and was very intrigued by the geese and ducks…