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As I become more embedded in the dog lovin’ world, I come across more useful stores, websites, blogs, etc. I’ll start to list them here and I hope some are useful :)

A lot of these links relate to two things that are important to me; positive training methods, and providing further information for those interested in learning more about a plant-based diet for dogs. (Note that I do not necessarily endorse or agree with all the opinions expressed via these links – they are here because I have found them relevant to my interests!)

Shopping, products, etc…

Dog Training/Trainers

Links & Articles – Behaviour/Training

New puppy? This is a BRILLIANT collection of positive advice! Resources for new puppy owners

More generally, this is an excellent place to start: 15 Must Read Dog Training Articles from The Crossover Trainer Blog.

Link & Articles – Food

Reactive Dog Links

Fun/other Dog Blogs

  • Marking Our Territory – This is one of my favourite all-round adorable dog blogs. It never fails to cheer me up!
  • Boogie’s Blog (including lots of lovely infographics about positive training)
  • Oh My Dog! – A lovely blog following the adventures of dogs Emmett, Lucas and Cooper (and cat Newt).
  • Sew Doggystyle – A blog with lots of lovely craft projects and featuring the highly adorable Sebastian.
  • Something Wagging This Way Comes – Another favourite blog, with thoughtful, honest, funny and cute posts.
  • Tales and Tails – A lovely blog featuring some very beautiful pooches indeed.
  • The Chronicles of Cardigan – A fun blog about two lovely welsh corgis.
  • The Daily Dog Tag – A beautiful site that features all kinds of professional dog photography.
  • The Hydrant – An all purpose site featuring dog news of every kind!
  • The Lonely Dogs – Beautiful pictures from a shelter in Mexico.
  • Zeke’s Adventures – The lovely Zeke really does do a lot of adventuring!

Vulpe’s Links

Recommended Reading

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