This blog is dedicated to an adorable Romanian rescue pooch called Vulpe.

Vulpe was rescued from the streets of Craiova, Romania in July 2012 aged approx 2-3 months. I spotted her on the Action Aid for Animals website (via DogsBlog) later the same month and fell in love. Vulpe left Romania on 30th August and arrived in Manchester on 2nd September 2012. This is my photo album, memory book, and more :)


Vulpe in Romania, July 2012.

PitaPata Dog tickers

Here are some things that Vulpe enjoys:

  • Her chew toys; particularly the chew chain and Kong squiggle
  • Being rubbed on the tummy
  • Carrots
  • Snoozes
  • Sniffing
  • Running through long grass
  • Barking in the garden

Vulpe shares her home with her Mum and with Miaowski…..


Miaowski – grumpy, but loved

Vulpe was the first dog I ever had the pleasure of adopting or living with, though I have always been an animal lover…..

animal lover

Jenny, aged approx 8, with Lucy the cat

Before Vulpe arrived, I knew I had a lot to learn. I read extensively and decided that we would live by a number of guidelines…..

We would only use positive, reinforcement based training. In a nutshell, this means that we reward the behaviour we want, and ignore or redirect the behaviour we don’t. (There is more information on the Links & Resources page). I have developed a great interest in training methods and dog behaviour since Vulpe came to live with us. Coupled with a passion for animal welfare and rights, and a brain that enjoys some academic rigour occasionally (not too often), I began a Masters degree in Anthrozoology in September 2014.

Personally, I care deeply about the ethics of animal welfare (not just dogs!) and of industrial agriculture and food production and I do not eat or consume any animal products at all – I don’t see animals as either ‘pets’ or ‘food’, though society encourages us to make the distinction. I truly believe that dogs can thrive on a vegetarian diet, if it is right for them and their owners. If this is something you would like to research, I have a collection of articles, studies and links on the Links & Resources page.

I share joint custody with Vulpe and she eats meat when not with me, so I’ve struggle to get her used to a vegetarian diet. The majority of the time, I feed Vulpe cooked fish, rice and veggies.

Eco friendly pooch!