Vulpe’s 3rd Birthday

Life tossed us hither and thither quite a bit in late 2014. But we ended up in a nice little house with a honking big garden. I knew when I saw it that Vulpe would definitely appreciate the space, particularly as she’s very ~troubled~ and doesn’t get the off-lead playtime I’d ideally like her to have.

I decided to go all out for this doggy birthday. I had a Pinterest board and EVERYTHING. I organised a veggie hot dog stand in the kitchen, and came up with a menu. I baked a birthday cake for the dogs (salmon, sweet potato, low fat cream cheese) and got a paddling pool and other toys for the garden. Unfortunately, the rain fell, but of course the dogs didn’t mind. Vulpe was terrified of the paddling pool but at least her friend Tania had a go!

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The best part of these splendid doggy get-togethers is where the humans get to stand around drinking hot tea and eating tasty food while the dogs absolutely wear themselves out. The even better part is when they fall asleep holding onto a lovely new toy, all full of dog cake and happiness <3

Would you throw a birthday party for your pooch? (I’ll admit this one was as much for the humans as for the dogs.)


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