Another New Start

I’ve been neglecting Vulpe’s blog the last few weeks/months. I think this is because life hasn’t always been tremendously positive lately, and it isn’t always easy to drum up the enthusiasm! Additionally, at the beginning of September I began a distance learning Masters course in Anthrozoology, which has been VERY engaging and interesting, but VERY intense! My brain’s not used to all this heavy lifting, so I’ve been putting a lot of time into that.

In more mundane matters, Vulpe and I had to move house (again) after relations with my landlord/letting agency turned sour a year into my contract. The flat I lived in after my ex and I separated seemed perfect; close to work, garden, near a park, etc. However, the sudden bad behaviour of my agency (who I’ve had to officially report to the ombudsman/dispute service as they refuse to return my £750 deposit amount, having already admitted the flat was in perfect condition when I left) may have been a blessing in disguise, as our new new place is really quite tremendous. I’ll let Vulpe explain…..

Photo 19-10-2014 09 41 44

Vulpe’s new favourite napping space is on the upstairs study window ledge. She drops off into a peaceful snooze almost immediately, and can survey her new kingdom with merely the raise of an eyelid, should she need to.

Photo 18-10-2014 15 41 57

As you can see, having all this extra space is really going to her head. Here she is in the study room, feeling majestic.

Photo 07-10-2014 12 16 25

Vulpe has discovered FOOTBALL and she really can’t meaningfully express how much fun it is, especially when you have a huuuuuuge garden in which to play it.

Photo 07-10-2014 12 16 01

You know a game is fun when the bottom teeth come out….

Photo 05-10-2014 12 59 24

Vulpe has two separate beds in two separate rooms now, and three if you count the human bed, which is basically hers, so three…

Photo 04-10-2014 14 46 13

Vulpe hasn’t quite got the hang of this bed yet….

Photo 02-10-2014 13 56 33

Vulpe is now mere MINUTES from tremendous walks like these. We were blessed with some sunny Autumn days when we first moved in!

Photo 01-10-2014 17 08 07

Another fine Autumn stroll.

I didn’t feel right putting Vulpe through more change; she’s had more than her fair share in her little doggy life, but everything does seem to have conspired against us (/me) in the past 18 months or so, and I’m hoping to see this as a more meaningful new beginning (please, Universe?)

In this vein, I decided a couple of weeks back that it’s time to take Vulpe to the vets to talk about her reactivity, which continues to be a problem. The list of what I’ve attempted to do to help her is a long one…..puppy class, adolescent class, one-to-one training, Thundershirt, Adaptil, Zylkene, counter-conditioning/reactivity training methods, etc, etc… I am now ready to admit that we need some extra assistance!

We were due to hop over to the vets last week as Vulpe was due for her annual check-up and boosters, but as per my luck lately, I skidded and fell off my bike a couple of days before, and have been nursing bruised ligaments and damaged nerves in my knee ever since. Vulpe is not a generous soul and is very cross about this turn of events – apparently I am of LITTLE USE if I can’t take her out on big walks! Sorry, pooch :(

In any case, I think today I’ll be up for a short walk and we’ll book back into the vets soon. My fondest, ‘dare to dream’ hope is that we can find some medication to suit Vulpe that will settle her stress/fear/anxiety levels enough for the training to have a meaningful effect. I want the day to come when she is not so scared of the outside world…’s hoping!



2 thoughts on “Another New Start

  1. Hello! I happened to chance upon your blog today! I enjoyed reading this post and your profile. I live in Singapore and have volunteered at a dog shelter and consequently wished I could adopt many of the dogs I encountered. Currently I am working on making a livelihood being a pet sitter/pet boarder.

    I am a vegetarian and I love animals too!

    Hope you’re doing well and hope I’m not sounding creepy!

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