Vulpe’s Scottish Holiday, July 2014

Vulpe and I haven’t had too many adventures in the recent weeks, but last week we took a trip to Scotland for her second proper holiday.

This was Vulpe’s first time in Scotland, and her first time on a ‘proper’ beach too (one with sand!). She and I also shared our first tick-removal experience which was far more traumatic for ME than it was for her….

We stayed in a lovely little cottage just a few minutes from both the woodland behind, and the sea in front. Vulpe was in heaven approximately 98% of the time. After all that romping on the beach and in long grass, I took a precautionary flea assault at home when we got back. We’re super duper pooped now so I’ll let these snaps speak for themselves…

P1080547 P1080591 P1080601 P1080603 P1080629 P1080674 P1080681 P1080781 P1080785 P1080793 P1080851 P1080860 P1080896 P1080910 P1080911


6 thoughts on “Vulpe’s Scottish Holiday, July 2014

    • Thanks Lara – Vulpe was in heaven pretty much from the moment we arrived. We definitely need to move near a beach!

    • We stayed on Arbigland Estate in Dumfries & Galloway which I’d really recommend! There was a huge beach and lovely woodland walks within short walking distance, and our lovely little cottage had a proper woodburner and the garden was safely enclosed…. Bliss :)

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