First World Dog Problems…

It’s official. After months of more intense training efforts, Thundershirting, and other non medicinal ways of trying to tackle Vulpe’s increased anxiety about the world, we’ve moved on to the next step….


I love this logo. Bless that pooch, life threw some major lows at us both in the latter part of 2013. She’s been tremendously brave and I’m so proud of her for dealing with so much upheaval and change at such a tender age. All I wanted was to offer her a stable and loving home after her shaky start, and life ended up being pretty shaky for her nonetheless. However, I’m really hoping this next step will enable Vulpe to feel consistently calm enough for the training to have a positive and lasting effect.

I read about Zylkene while I was looking at Adaptil collars. From reviews online it seemed the anecdotal evidence was good. I dug up a few Proper Science articles too, which seemed to suggest beneficial effects in reducing anxiety in dogs, cats or ponies….

It would be really great to hear from anyone who has experiencing of helping dogs with severe anxiety through prescription or non prescription medications though. My aim is to make life more enjoyable for Vulpe, and to enable her to take on board our daily positive reinforcement training that is in place to counter condition her fearful/aggressive responses to the things that scare her.

It’s difficult to know what to do for the best when you’re an amateur trainer and very much not a scientist!

Any comments or advice most welcome :)


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