Throwback Thursday!

I was having a little squee and a sigh over Vulpe’s puppy pictures from the shelter in Romania last night. The first picture is more or less the one that made my heart melt! And the second (only just) shows her little puppy twin, who now lives in Germany.

She was around 4 months old (best guess!) when she arrived in England so I’m really lucky to have these adorable snaps of her as a little wee pup!

Do you get your puppy pictures out often? I love looking back over them every now and then :)


Here you can see why they called her Vulpe! (Romanian for fox)


Can you spot Vulpe’s little twin, on the left? I still don’t know who’s who!


11 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday!

  1. Vulpe was such a cutie as a puppy! How neat that she’s from Romania.

    I have photos of Dio and Coal as puppies, but we got Beatrix as a two-year old. Every now and then I look back at the old photos and smile.

    • I know! She looked so sad, and usually still does, but I am pretty sure life’s better here than it was on the mean streets of Romania :)

  2. I am so excited to have stumbled across your blog! I have an expatriate street dog too, born in Malawi but now living in the U.S., and I always love hearing other people’s experiences. Vulpe is absolutely LOVELY, and has such a perfect name for such a fox-like little dog.

    • Aww thanks Jaime – Chalo is adorable! Vulpe is well settled here in England now (and even enjoys the snow/rain) but her early experiences have definitely shaped the neurotic bundle of fur she is today :) It’s so special watching them experience new things though (so long as they aren’t too terrifying….)

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