February is “Oops I missed train your dog month”….

To my utter shame, February this year for me is going to be “oops I missed Train Your Dog month“.

Vulpe and me have been so busy working day in, day out on her usual reactivity issues that it’s been a long time indeed since we’ve done any fun training. While dealing with her fear/aggression/reactivity issues progresses tremendously slowly (if at all) I’ve decided to try and get back to a bit of fun brain exercise at home.


Now here’s a pooch crying out for some brain exercise….

Vulpe’s always been a pretty quick learner – give her a click and a wee treat and she’ll do more or less anything. So my goal for February is to try and teach her THREE new tricks.

I’m hoping the focus and reminder of what clicker training is all about will help with her training on walks. Only today her doggy walker reminded me that she’s made more or less zero progress in the past 3 months or so. Oh dear!

Hopefully I’ll have some new tricks to report at the end of the month, anyway. Now I just need to decide which to choose…..


THREE tricks? Are you sure that’s a good idea?


4 thoughts on “February is “Oops I missed train your dog month”….

    • Thank you! We’re not doing too bad, I’ve got 3 in mind and we’re already mostly done on the first – fingers crossed there’ll be some photo/video evidence by the end of the month :D

  1. We didn’t formally participate in “Train Your Dog Month” since I think it will be “Train Your Dog Year” for Ruby and I! We have not made much progress at all in the walking department, but trick training is a fun confidence booster for both of us! I’m excited to see what you decide to teach Vulpe!

    • Thank you! I think these days I’m trying to separate the ongoing ‘every day’ training (reactivity on walks) with some fun training, like we used to do when she was a puppy. We’re about 70% there on our first trick so I’m quietly confident :)

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