Yellow Dog

I got Vulpe her very own Yellow Dog bandana quite a long time ago, but for some reason I’ve never made use of it before. As part of my coming to terms with having a reactive dog (and concentrating more on helping her to live a stress-free life, rather than trying desperately to ‘fix’ her) I decided to start introducing the bandana to her daily walking routine.

The Yellow Dog campaign is for dogs that need space, for any number of reasons. Sadly not a lot of people are aware that a yellow ribbon on a dog’s lead means they need space, but the coats and bandanas make it perfectly clear.

The Official Yellow Dog UK poster

Vulpe meets a lot of people and on/off lead dogs on her big Saturday walk, so yesterday I dressed her up and off we went. As it happened, the weather turned out to be so dramatically awful that we were more or less the only people crazy enough to be out in it anyway….. But to Vulpe, rain means mud, and mud means JOY.


One very beautiful pooch enjoying the sunshine as it streams through the windows…this sun was not to last for long…


To Vulpe, this means "CAUTION, MUD NIRVANA"

To Vulpe, this means “CAUTION, MUD NIRVANA”


Mmm, nothing like standing in a cold muddy puddle on a January morning!

If there’s one thing the bandana does well it’s ‘explain’ things to innocent pedestrians who look shocked and horrified when they carelessly walk into Vulpe’s path and she greets them with torrents of rabid lunging….. At least they understand when we hang back or when I’m trying to continue our training, or when I pick her up while they trot over to me shouting “IT’S OK MY DOG IS FRIENDLY” and accuse me of all manner of overprotectiveness.

I like the bandana but I’d much prefer to order Vulpe a coat so that there’s no doubt about her needing SPACE!

In any case, Vulpe loved seeing her BPFF (best poochy friend forever) Gadget last night, after not seeing him for quite a few days…..



One thought on “Yellow Dog

  1. I’ve been looking at different vests for DIo and Beatrix that say “in training” or have something similar. My neighborhood is pretty good with dog walking, but every now and then I get the horrified looks because Beatrix is reacting to another dog that’s behind a fence. My pet peeve is “BUT MY DOG IS FRIENDLY!” Yeah, maybe your dog is, but mine has issues! Stay away!

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