Vulpe’s 2nd Christmas

It’s been very quiet on the doggy blog front for Vulpe & me lately, or indeed for the last 6 months. It’s been a year of tremendous upheaval and heartache (for both of us, I daresay). Vulpe’s young world was turned upside down and though I’ve done my best to minimise the trauma of it all for her, sometimes I wonder if I’ve done a very good job. Her nervous aggression has worsened slightly in the last couple of months and we are back to sessions with her lovely trainer, Clare, which does seem to be helping some.

In any case, after a truly awful year, I am going to try my best to be positive in 2014, and that includes Vulpe too. We had an absolutely lovely Christmas with our new friends, Michelle and Gadget. I met Michelle via our mutual employer’s staff only ‘free ads’ service, where I advertised for a local dog walking buddy. Michelle moved over from the US recently, along with Gadget, who has ended up here in Manchester all the way from a shelter in Alabama.

After a rocky start, Vulpe and Gadget are more or less firm friends now and we enjoy many walks together. Here are a few snaps of our Christmas Day, along with a video of Vulpe tackling her Christmas presents (sadly not the fanciest this year, but austerity measures are in place in our household! Still, I think she enjoyed the wrapping paper as much as anything else…..)


Vulpe poses (awkwardly) with her whale, from Nana (mine that is!)


Vulpe after a day of playing and a doggy Christmas dinner – I’m sure we all know the feeling!


Gadget discovers the joy of christmas cracker hats.


I also made this Christmas tree decoration inspired by a post on Nailah Bone’s blog¬†– I don’t think I did too bad for a first attempt!

I hope that you and your pooch(es) had a wonderful Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Vulpe’s 2nd Christmas

  1. When I saw Nailah Bone’s demonstration of the paw print ornament, I doubted I could make one that looked as good. But you did a great job. Maybe I’ll give it a shot myself.

    Hope the quiet times after Christmas are giving Vulpe a chance to settle her anxieties.

    • Thank you! We continue to work on this, but sadly she does find it quite tough. I think the lighter evenings will help, when Winter’s over!

      I would definitely recommend trying the ornament; it was very easy, even for me, though Vulpe looked at me like I was mad when I picked her up and pressed her paw down onto the kitchen counter :)

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