My Imperfect, Pensive Pooch

Vulpe’s had a lot to adjust to over the last few months. Both I and her doggy walker noticed her behaviour change over the last few weeks. She seems to be a little more anxious/pensive than usual (if such a thing was possible) and her reactivity to meeting other people and dogs on walks has worsened. I called in her dog trainer immediately for a couple of sessions, and I’ve started to implement a few techniques to try and manage this (and persuade her that sitting quietly is more rewarding than lunging and barking.) It really is hard though, and progress is slow. When we discussed the changes to Vulpe’s routine I realised that she doesn’t get the weekly off-lead puppy playgroup time that she used to, or the weekend days out. She has also been walking new streets every evening, usually in the dark, and meeting a lot more people (of more ‘variety’) than she used to. I guess all of these things have built up to produce quite a pensive pooch. Check out these poses…









I feel terrible for all the upheaval she’s been through, and hope that one day we’ll get to a point where she feels happier and more relaxed in her environment. For now, I am the woman with the Jekyll & Hyde dog :/


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