Adventures in Dog-sitting, cntd…

For the past couple of weeks, Vulpe and me have been staying with some very kind friends of ours.

Tomorrow I get the keys for a new place that I’ll share with my beloved pooch. It’s a lovely little one bed ground floor flat in South Manchester (not far from Alexandra Park – perfect dog walkin’ territory!) with a medium sized private garden, just for us. It’s very hard to find rented accommodation that will accept pets these days, but I was very lucky to find this one and get permission to keep pets (so long as I paid an extra deposit).

I know that my little Vulpster will be sad to leave Lola and Cher, the adorable little yorkies we are sharing with at the moment. They’ve been having the most tremendous time together, and I’ve been so proud of Vulpe for (mostly) playing nicely, sharing her toys and generally being a good sport while all this change happens!

Vulpe has huge problems with people she doesn’t know and is a VERY reactive dog……but at the same time, she is wonderfully social with other dogs, and really enjoys their company. I really hope that one day soon I will be able to provide her with a little brother or sister.

Photo 19-08-2013 17 31 03

These two little monkeys have claimed Vulpe’s big-dog sized bed, but she doesn’t seem to mind…!

Photo 19-08-2013 18 13 54

The lovely Lola!

Photo 21-08-2013 07 21 26

Vulpe’s been having so much fun with two other dogs around, she crashes out in bed before me every night….most unusual behaviour!


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