It’s been a tremendously busy time lately, full of upheaval, and Vulpe is coping extremely well. I am very proud of the little pooch.

Almost two months ago now my partner and I separated. Vulpe had only ever known a life with the two of us, so the situation was difficult for us all. Vulpe would come and live with me, and I had a limited choice as to where I could go. I managed to find a lovely apartment to share with friends, and went through the house move a week or so ago. The apartment was on the edge of the city centre, and not quite the usual place for a dog, but Vulpe and me managed to make the most of the riverside walks, etc….

Photo 27-07-2013 13 09 58

Photo 03-08-2013 10 24 03 Photo 27-07-2013 08 49 17 Photo 27-07-2013 09 09 16 Photo 28-07-2013 09 43 52

Sadly, within days of arriving we learned that although our landlord was happy for us to keep Vulpe, the building’s management company were not, and were cracking down on dog ownership. I immediately had to make plans to move back out of the apartment and try and recoup some of the costs of moving as best I could. Vulpe and I are currently staying with some wonderfully kind friends who have two adorable mini yorkies. Vulpe has been enjoying this VERY MUCH and has been absolutely pooped from all the playing (hurrah!)

Photo 05-08-2013 17 09 08

Photo 05-08-2013 17 09 11

Photo 05-08-2013 23 00 23

Blessedly, as if fated, I managed to find a lovely little flat in the South Manchester suburbs that is perfect for us both. It is a good size, has a private garden, explicitly allows pets and Vulpe will be able to reunite with her beloved doggy walker!

I am so proud of my brave little poochy, who’s been coping with all the change like a trooper. I am very much looking forward to settling in to a new place with my beloved pooch and making it our home. I just hope she won’t be too disappointed to say goodbye to her little friends and be stuck with boring old me again :)


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