The Biggest Scare Yet

The past week has been tough, and I arrived at the weekend glad for some time to relax and reflect on things, and take some time out. Things didn’t work out quite that way….. After taking Vulpe for her afternoon romp in the fields near where we live yesterday, I brought her home where she took a few gulps of water and flopped down for a nap as usual. After a stressful week I decided I’d do the same and went into the bedroom for a nap.

The first unusual thing I noticed was that Vulpe didn’t come in to join me. I got up a couple of hours later and she was still dozing in bed. I made some dinner, but she didn’t seem interested. I ordered myself some Chinese food, and when the delivery guy rang the doorbell and she barely raised an eyelid, I KNEW something was wrong…..

I felt her bed and it was wet – it seemed like she had peed herself, but that would be very unusual. I picked her up but she couldn’t walk, and just flopped onto the floor. This was when the panic set in….


I rang our usual vet surgery, and then called their out of hours emergency number. This was for an animal hospital not too far away. My wonderful friend abandoned her Saturday night and drove over immediately to take us there, and Vulpe was seen at about 9pm. She had a temperature of over 104, and was in a pretty bad way. The vet wasn’t sure if looking at the back of her eye suggested something neurological – possibly meningitis.

After the stressful week I’d had, I have to say I didn’t cope very well when they took her away to keep her in overnight. I had to sign a form giving permission for a scary selection of tests, including a possible spinal tap, and then left her alone, came home and promptly suffered a minor breakdown.

This poor little pooch is not happy in the company of strangers and I felt SO awful leaving her, alone and scared, in a strange place, to be poked and prodded with needles through the night.

At the same time, I knew it was the best place for her. I tossed and turned all night, hoping not to receive a call from the vet (no news was good news) and thankfully, didn’t. An update this morning confirmed she was responding well to the fluids and antibiotics but was “stressed” in the kennel….. So we went to pick her up around 1pm today, and my wonderful, darling little pooch was much better, and was almost as overjoyed to see me as I was to see her.

She has antibiotics to take for the next 7 days, and we’re waiting on the results of blood and urine tests. They think they have ruled out anything neurological now, and hope that it was nothing more than a UTI or similar.


Vulpe was so glad to be home – she gave the cat a customary chase around the living room, wolfed down a big bowl full of food, drank half a bowlful of water, then flopped down for a very extended snooze.

I would like to say that money is no object when it comes to my dear, wonderful little poochy, but it was only possible for me to say this thanks to Vulpe’s insurance; I have NEVER been more pleased to be insured in all my life. This little lot represents less than 24 hours in the animal hospital, and includes less than half of the tests that might have been carried out…..


That’s £593.14 (which is $912.26 for my American friends…..)

Vulpe’s fever came on in such a short time; only a few hours earlier she was in tip top condition:


So if you don’t have pet insurance, I would urge you to consider it! Vulpe is totally up to date with her vaccines, flea and tick treatments, and is an otherwise totally healthy young pooch. If this had been more serious, I would have had an altogether much more horrible and stressful situation to deal with.

We were all so worried about this beloved little poochums, and even the cat seemed more tolerant than usual when she came home…


Isn’t it funny that when I got back from leaving her at the animal hospital last night, my Mum (unaware of what had happened) had sent me a link to this article: Dog-Owner Bond Similar to that of Child-Parent.

Well, I don’t have (human) children, so it’s hard to confirm whether what I felt was similar, but I can’t really express how horribly sick and helpless I felt leaving Vulpe alone, not sure whether she was really really ill or not.

I am just SO GRATEFUL for the support of my friends, the wonderful work of the emergency vets and my pet insurance policy! Here’s hoping for a full and speedy recovery <3


6 thoughts on “The Biggest Scare Yet

  1. OMG! How totally horrible. We’re so glad to hear that Vulpe is doing better and hope for good news when the vet’s tests come back. My person treats me like her child and she doesn’t have her own children (although she is a step-monster to twin 13 year old boys.). I’m sure she’d be the same as you if anything scary like that happened to me. Sending you all good vibes from Canada.

    • Hi! Nice to see you back :) Well, Vulpe’s tests were inconclusive really. They didn’t show anything particularly out of the ordinary. She’s finished her antibiotics now so will go back in for a check-up soon, but as of now it is still a mystery! :/

      • Oh wow! What a mystery! I know how serious even a UTI can be, my mums cat had to have an emergency op with one. Sams been at the vets lately, but just with an easily sorted ear infection!

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