A Big Day Out!

I volunteer for our local branch of the RSPCA (Manchester & Salford) and was invited to a vintage tea party today. I run a small vegan/gluten free bakery, so I took along some cakes for any vegan guests (myself included!), and Vulpe got to join us.


I knew this event was potentially going to be very overwhelming for our anxious little pooch, so I secured a makeshift yellow ribbon to her lead. I was surprised to meet a couple of people who actually knew what it meant, which was very reassuring to me, so I’ve decided to order a handsome little bandana for her, for similar occasions.



I must say though, she was tremendously brave! After a little while, she calmed down splendidly. We had a little walk around the field, and a pee/poop later, she was feeling much better. A few cheeky sandwich crusts were thrown her way, and we more or less showered her in dog treats the calmer she became.



Our little poochums was so brave! She even let a coupla folks have a coupla strokes! Well done poochy <3


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