National Train Your Dog Month


In the US right now, it is National Train Your Dog Month. I definitely have some resolutions for Vulpe in terms of training, and in less than a week we’ll begin the next level of our training classes (Adolescent Class) with our wonderful trainer, Clare, of CB Dogs.

I was therefore pleased to see this update on UK organisation Blue Cross’ website. Blue Cross is a charity dedicated to helping sick, injured and homeless pets (since 1897!).

Blue Cross are encouraging owners to use the surplus of treats amassed over the festive period to teach their dogs something new. Here is my wishlist of training goals for Vulpe during this month and beyond!

  • Teach ‘drop it’ (for playing) and ‘leave it’ (for those occasions when she decides to chew on undesirable items!)
  • Teach reliable recall when distracted.
  • Train her to stop chasing the poor cat around our flat!
  • Some basic agility exercises, once she is a little older.
  • Continue working on her fear of new people, and subsequent barking!

I hope these are fairly realistic goals for the coming year! It’s hard to believe Vulpe’s been with us for only 4 months, and we’ve made so much progress. She now has (mostly) excellent recall, can do (most) basic obedience commands, is excellent with other dogs, and is much more confident than she was.

How about you? Do you have any training goals for 2013?


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