Happy 2013!

What a year it’s been! For me, 2012’s most defining moment was Sunday 2nd September, when after 6 weeks or more of waiting, we drove to a service station in Staffordshire to meet our precious little Vulpe, who had just endured a 3 day drive from Romania, along with other dogs being rehomed across Europe by Action Aid for Animals. Here is the first awkward iPhone shot of our wonderful little poochy, a little 3.9kg bundle of nerves…..


When we arrived back home, we introduced Vulpe to the garden first, as I’d read in various puppy books. We placed the pooch down on the grass, and she immediately flopped over onto her back, inviting tummy rubs – a gesture that would be repeated many times daily in the months to come, even post surgery :)









Our little Vulpe has come a long way since she was found as a stray with her Mum and litter, only a tiny puppy then, around 6 months ago…


We are so happy to have her in our lives and are very excited about what 2013 holds!


Happy New Year Everyone!


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