Christmas 2012!

It’s been a busy ol’ time the past week or so! Vulpe has had a wonderful Christmas, bravely visiting various friends and relatives of ours, and she’s been thoroughly enjoying my company. As I work in a University, I get a generous amount of time off over Christmas when the Uni is closed. Vulpe and I have been on some lovely romps, and her off lead behaviour has been improving splendidly. I’ve made sure to try and take treats out with me every time and reward her each time she comes to me. My boyfriend and I took her to Tatton Park today and played lots of hide & seek behind the trees. Of course, it didn’t take long for Vulpe to find us :)

Vulpe got a nice new grown-up collar for Christmas from our lovely friends at Ethical Pets, a Lupine collar – with a lifetime guarantee! She also enjoyed some new toys and some yummy biscuits.

Unfortunately, someone chewed my ‘proper’ camera’s memory card beyond repair, so while I’m waiting for a replacement, it’s been iPhone shots only :/

How has your pooch enjoyed Christmas? :)


Just some of Vulpe’s Christmas presents


Christmas morning…. Has Santa Paws been??


Opening presents :)


Christmas biscuits!


One mucky pup, after a good romp!


A clean and tired pooch after a nice bath.


Enjoying the freedom at Tatton Park


Considering a swim at Tatton Park….


A lone pooch :)


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