How do you and your dog play?


The Horowitz Dog Cognition lab in New York is conducting a study into human-dog play – you can upload a video of no more than 60 seconds long of you and your pooch(es) playing to be included in this research! Check out the website here:

I am certainly going to try and take a good video of myself and Vulpe having a play – she loves playing, and I generally have quite a few sessions of playing around with her most evenings. How does your poochy play?

Speaking of which, I found this adorable video via Cute Overload today…….how wonderful is this lovely pup!


2 thoughts on “How do you and your dog play?

    • You should submit a video! Vulpe’s still got a lot of her puppy energy and mostly loves being chased around or playing tug :) (I’m not sure I want to submit a video of myself running around the garden with her though!)

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