Meet V Dog Boo!

4 monthsSay hello to Boo! This adorable pooch lives here in the UK with Dorota. Boo is a staffordshire bull terrier/pug/terrier cross, and has been living and eating veggie with Dorota since he was a teeny wee pup!

8 weeks

Boo eats Benevo or Ami kibble, and loves his extra veggies! Favourites are peppers, cucumbers, sweet potato and kale. He also favours a Kong stuffed with peanut butter (what self respecting pooch doesn’t?!) Treats are rice bones and other chews from Veggie Pets.

6 months

Boo enjoys a clean bill of health (and a super shiny coat) as attested to by his vet! He is healthy and happy and thriving on his veggie diet.

Big thanks to Dorota for sending me these adorable pictures and Boo’s story :)


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