Spay Recovery cntd!

Our beloved poochums continues to recover well from her spay ordeal – these pictures show her around 4 days after the op. This pup loves to have her tummy rubbed, and ain’t no abdominal surgery gonna put a stop to that!


The weather’s turned a bit arctic here of late – so we make sure that bald belly is wrapped up warm on walks! The stitches are due out in around 3 or 4 days, so we hope she’ll be back to her usual crazy puppy antics very soon :)

Poor poochy's chilly tummy!

Poor poochy’s chilly tummy!


One thought on “Spay Recovery cntd!

  1. Your dog’s stitches were healing quite nicely in the pic above. I’m browsing for pics to get ideas on how best to contain my dog post-surgery this Saturday. She gets stressed when placed in a crate. I’ll probably follow your example: just her usual soft and flat surfaces for lying down and then corralled somehow by furniture or boxes so she’s “caged” in. Btw, you probably already know this, but your pooch–belly up and all–so adorable. :)

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