Well, our brave little pooch has been back home with us for a few hours now. The exit from the vet was pretty hairy – Vulpe lets out a very mournful and worrying yelp/cry when she’s feeling hurt or anxious, and will occasionally flop down on her side and not move. She did the same when we were on holiday recently. There was indeed much yelping and crying and Vulpe plonked herself down on the waiting room floor and wouldn’t move :/ The vet wondered if we should return a little later but I was feeling pretty delicate myself at that point and wanted to get the pooch home! I knew she’d feel much better convalescing in an environment she felt safe in. Eventually we persuaded her to walk slowly out to the car where we lifted her in, amid more crying and yelping. We finally got the poor little confused pooch home and onto the makeshift bed we’d made up…..


The sweet little pup finally stopped swaying on her feet, and plonked herself down for a snooze. By this point my nerves were feeling a little shredded! So I grabbed a couple of pillows and flopped down next to her for a while……


She’s been on a couple of wanders of the living room this evening, but nothing more. Twice she asked to go outside, once for a wee and once for a wander. Unfortunately the temperatures just reached sub-zero here in Manchester so we decided that we’re just going to put down some puppy pads tonight and see what happens – pees and poops are easily cleaned up and we don’t feel quite right taking the poor pup outside in freezing weather at the moment!

I read it’s a good idea to take daily photos of her sore bits, to see how it’s all healing. We have to take her back in a week or so to have the stitches removed…..I’m so upset they shaved her glorious, blonde tummy fur!


Anyway, she’s much more settled now, and because our bed is a bit high for her to jump on right now, I’m planning to pull out the single sofa bed and sleep next to her for tonight. The cone is at the ready!


I’m rather ashamed to admit that I wasn’t really very brave for the pooch on the overall – I blubbed when we dropped her off this morn, again when we collected her, and at frequent points during the evening when she seemed in particular discomfort. I tried my best to be jolly, comforting and reassuring though. I’m glad my boyfriend was around this evening to emotionally prop me up! I’m hoping she’ll be more back to her old self over the next 36 hours or so.

My wonderful, brave poochy! <3


2 thoughts on “Post-op!

    • Aww thank you, she is feeling a little better today! She always sleeps with us but our bed’s a little high for jumping on in her condition, so I went to her instead :D

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