First Time at the Beach – and our first scare!

Yesterday we took Vulpe for her first ever visit to the beach. Ok, so this is South West England in November so it wasn’t a sunny, sandy beach, but she enjoyed it nonetheless! Actually this was a fossil beach near a village called Kilve, and while we trudged around looking for fossils, Vulpe had a good old romp…..

Unfortunately after we’d been home for an hour or so last night, Vulpe seemed very down, and was in a bit of pain. She yelped every time we went near her and even her own barking made her yelp! She ended up lying on our bed in the same position for nearly 10 hours, with every attempt to move ending in loud yelps. We contacted the local vet this morning and booked in for a visitor appointment.

After a good prod and squeeze all over, the vet confirmed that nothing seemed to be broken or fractured or anything of that sort. It seems that the poor pooch overdid it yesterday, and probably sprained or knocked herself somehow. The little pup was in quite some distress last night though has perked up slightly this morn. Nevertheless, a day of rest has been prescribed, and she is following doctor’s orders very well so far! Feel better soon little poochy <3


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