Vulpe on Holiday – Part One!

Each year, we tend to take a short Spring and Autumn holiday, instead of one big Summer break. This Autumn would be our first holiday with little Vulpe, so although she has her pet passport, we stuck with our own green and pleasant land :) Ok, so the weather isn’t perfect, but we have our walkin’ boots and our waterproof coats and we don’t care! We are in Somerset, quite close to Devon….

Our accommodation is a lovely old converted barn, on a working farm, and Vulpe was pretty much completely overwhelmed by all the new STUFF for the first day or so! She very bravely endured a 4-5 hour journey down in the car (with frequent stops!) and we made sure to tire her out good & proper on our first big walk! As you can see she’s been enjoying the break too…

She’s been absolutely fascinated by rural countryside life! Pheasants, cows, horses, horse poop…… So much to take in! After a day or so of getting used to a new environment, I’ve noticed she’s a bit less skittish about the house. Definitely the extra exercise helps, and all that fresh air I’m sure! The underfloor heating helps too :D

I’m always amazed by how interested this pooch is, in everything around her. The above picture sums it up perfectly :) I just hope she won’t be too disappointed when we head back home!


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