Busy busy!

It’s been a busy weekend, and Vulpe’s been up to a lot! On Friday evening, we had a visit from the wonderful Clare of CB Dogs, who ran the puppy class we attended. Vulpe’s still quite nervous of new people, and particularly so inside our flat. I wanted to have a one-to-one session where Clare could let us know how best to deal with it. We’ve had some good advice and will continue working hard to ease her nervousness around new people!

Vulpe had a particularly busy day today with TWO long walks! Firstly we walked by the river near our home in Didsbury with a friend of ours……

Vulpe also had a good run around in the old, disused playing field we found a couple of weeks ago, and enjoyed a bit of basking in the Autumn sunshine :)

The recall training is still……in progress :)

It was another beautiful Autumn day today! We go on holiday with Vulpe to Somerset next week – let’s hope we get a bit more of the sunshine before the Winter really sets in :)


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