Desperately seeking a shagged out shih tzu

I agree with this post completely – my own adoption experience was occasionally fraught – and the search for my new ‘forever friend’ was difficult too….

Words Are Everywhere

Until recently anyone intending to adopt a dog only had one choice – to go down to the local rescue centre. The choice was limited to what was available in the immediate community. Today, there are local, national and international organisations offering to match dogs to owners. Demand for shagged out Shih tzus may be met by a supply of ex-breeding dogs in Ireland. How do we know? Because we grew up with the internet. We use technology in our daily lives to book travel or bank online, we bring similar expectations to ‘dog shopping’. We search online. Yet many organisations continue to operate on a face-to-face basis. Anyone with an interest in a cause, in this case rehoming dogs, needs a website.

Yes, in my experience there will be a website. However, it will be out of date perhaps to discourage the fickle from acting on impulse, demanding “I…

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