Vulpe Comes Home – the movie!

Ok, not quite – but this right here is pretty much the reason I got a MacBook – god bless iMovie! :)


6 thoughts on “Vulpe Comes Home – the movie!

  1. The tennis ball – baking tray game is a great idea!
    And Vulpe looks much bigger (and lovelier) in the video than photos! What size will she be as an adult do you think?

    • Hee, I saw that game online; she loved it, but didn’t take too long to figure it out :)

      To be honest we have no idea how big she’ll grow! We were told she is a chihuahua terrier cross, but in reality it’s a mystery :D

      • I might have to create that game myself :)
        I was thinking chihuahua when I first saw her but in the video she reminds me of a collie/german shepherd cross puppy from her size and ears!
        Well she is definitely very lucky to have found you!

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