In which a handsome new coat is acquired….

Photo 16-09-2012 15 46 22

Here is our handsome little Vulpe sporting her new winter coat! This coat was a bargain at less than £10, and fits perfectly :)

Our sensitive little pooch has demonstrated a dislike for the cold & wet weather, and after being brought up in Romania for the first 4 months of her life, we can understand why! She took to this coat splendidly though and looked very handsome indeed, trotting around on our big walk :)

Walking with Dad

Our little Wunder Pooch also had her first ‘off the lead’ experience in the fields near the walk we took – and she behaved perfectly! ‘Recall’ isn’t really an official word for it, but we managed to keep her nearby through a combination of her fondness for us and wariness of the great beyond! Still, it was so good to see her running around looking so free and happy :)

Then, of course, it was time for a snooze…..

Nap time


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