Puppy Foundation Training

Puppy class

Our little Vulpe went along to her first puppy class last night! (Above is a blurry shot of her in the car on the way :D) Neither of us really knew quite what to expect, but it was a really good experience for us as first time puppy parents!

The session was run by Clare at CB Dogs, who uses positive reinforcement based training, which is definitely our style! The group wasn’t too big or chaotic with only 5 pups, all very different indeed! Vulpe was a little nervous, but very well behaved, and even managed a bit of socialisation with the other pups without too much bother. She was volunteered to help demonstrate with the trainer twice as she picked it up so quickly :)

I hope the training we’ve been doing at home has helped! She certainly understands the concept of “do this and I will reward you” so I have very high hopes for her continued learning :)

Before we adopted Vulpe I read around puppy raising and dog training quite a bit and was very fond of Ian Dunbar’s ‘Before and After Getting Your Puppy’ books….

Ian Dunbar

These books are available to download, effectively for free, from Ian’s website Dog Star Daily. In terms of preparing yourself, for a first time dog owner, I can’t recommend his techniques highly enough! We used them from the moment Vulpe came to us and she is doing so well.

Though the urge to do nothing but coddle and cuddle her is strong, I remembered how Ian warns that all dogs have to learn to stand on their own four paws, and I hope that’s what we’re teaching Vulpe to do :)

Hopefully I’ll get some better shots of Vulpe’s training in action soon!


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