More Exploring! (and lots of snoozing)

Snoozy McSnoozerson

Here we have one snoozy pooch!

Vulpe has been with us for 1 week and 4 days now and has settled in tremendously well. As she becomes more ‘at home’ she is more curious and gets better at having a proper walk (instead of a non stop sniff-a-thon) and has had occasion to be thoroughly pooped a few times lately….

More snoozing...

We’ve had some lovely walks in our nearest park, Marie Louise Gardens, where Vulpe has met other dogs, squirrels, pigeons and the occasional crow………..

Walking with Dad

Vulpe hasn’t quite managed to tackle THE STEPS yet……

Steps of doom....

Then again, she is a little pooch in a big world! Here she is in our garden, just sittin’…..

In the garden

And after all that exploring, Vulpe likes nothing better than to settle down with her toys… she is with her pheasant!



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