First Vet Visit! (and first time home alone….)

Tired Pooch

Vulpe was registered with the vet yesterday, and was so well behaved! She’s been a bit scratchy and her eye a bit weepy, but he confirmed no fleas and gave us some drops. She had one of her final puppy jabs and barely flinched. The vet called her ‘stoic’ – praise indeed! She was all tuckered out after her busy morning though, and flopped on the couch as soon as we returned :)

Today we have left her unattended for a few hours for the first time. She’s been left in what we have called “16a Adamson Gardens” – her little pen with crate, water and chew toys aplenty. This morning I cunningly stuffed her 2 differently sized Kongs with kibble and a little peanut butter, just to make things more interesting. She also has her bone and squeaker, and one of her beloved chews. Fingers crossed she will survive for a few hours til Dad comes home to see her! And then a wee/poop and Kong replacement later, a couple more hours til Mum is home :)

16a Adamson

Good luck little Vulpe!


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