First Days….

This foxy lady is settling in so well! She’s been walking on her lead & harness wonderfully and has stopped getting growly when she sees other animals. She has even been in close proximity to our lovely Miaowski without any bad behaviour at all. Miaowski had a little hiss when she got a bit too sniffy, but this is practically the hand of friendship where our puss is concerned :)

Vulpe has been slightly whiney and since she’s been getting more attached to us over the last few days, a little anxious about being left alone. However, we’ve now set up a crate plus pen arrangement so she has her ‘den’ full of chew toys and Kongs stuffed with kibble, her water and poop tray should she need it. Aside from one small accident though, she’s peed and pooped outside without exception. We are so proud!

Here are a few shots of her enjoying her splendid non-piggy piggy ear :)


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