Finally Here!

Our little Vulpe is finally here!

She left the shelter in Romania on Thursday 30th August, and arrived at a car park in Stafford services at around 5pm ish on Sunday 2nd September :) In fact, we aren’t sure if the doggy that has come to us is precisely the same as in the photos we saw – there were two sisters who were almost identical and both were called “Vulpi” (meaning ‘foxy’ in Romanian). We had already decided to change the name to Vulpe and so we’re pleased that both pooches have a happy home, and don’t have exactly the same name :)

Proud Dad :)

The poor girl was very timid and shy when she arrived! Now after a second night with us, she is coming out of her shell :) I booked three days off work to help her settle in, and have been trying my best to prepare her for spending some time along when I go back to work! She has been especially keen on these crocodile chews :)Kong love...She’s otherwise done excellent walking on the lead and is learning to come when called. She has been a little whiney when left alone but we’re working on that!

Sniffing all that must be sniffed...

In a couple of weeks we will begin a 6 week puppy foundation training programme, which I can’t wait to attend!


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