Homemade Pup Treats (The Plan)

Oooooh dear me, this is how it feels to wait over 3 weeks before you can meet your lovely little puppy companion! I am trying to pass the time making sure we are all prepared and puppy proofed and ready for Vulpe to arrive. I have booked a few days off work to really help her settle in after what is going to be a very long and perhaps traumatic journey from Romania to England. Poor little Vulpe won’t understand what’s happening, but I know she’ll be very happy once she’s made to feel properly at home!

In the the meantime, I’m planning to make some sweet and savoury pup biscuits, having invested in the only cookie cutter that would do the job….

I run a from-home baking business and am planning to introduce a new line of homemade, vegetable based pupcakes and treats – these are excellent if you want to know exactly what your pup is eating, and particularly if they have any meat or dairy allergies. I will be selling them and making sure the proceeds go to Action Aid for Animals, the wonderful charity I am adopting Vulpe through. I’ll report back when the treats are made!


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